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Reusable Respirator [Combined Filter]

P3RC (+Gas Filter)

P3RC (+Gas Filter)

The filter shown in the picture is particle filter which will be attached to gas filter when used as combined filter.
The combined filter will prevent from both gases and particles.
P3RC Particle Filter can only be used when attaching to gas filter, and used as combined filter.

P3RC (+Gas Filter)
Example showing combined filter, "P3RC" with gas filter "CA-A2" attached.
Main Features
  • Filter media with water repellent treatment
  • Super thin type : Dia. +4 mm, Height +14.5 mm with gas filter size
Technical Data
Certified to EN14387:2004 AS/NZS 1716:2012
Type/Class P3
Weight 20 g
Inhalation resistance
(at 47.5 L/min)
255±45 Pa
Maximum filter penetration
(at 47.5 L/min)
0.05 %
Compatible Masks FS01, CF01, CX01, RS01, RX01