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Message from the President

Nobuo Shigematsu President

Nobuo Shigematsu

SHIGEMATSU can meet the demands of every customer.

SHIGEMATSU WORKS first began as a private company established by our founder, Teizo Shigematsu in 1917. Since then, we have manufactured and sold the personal protective equipment with a particular focus on respiratory protective devices such as particulate and gas respirators and the others such as chemical protective clothing as a pioneer in this business field.
Based on our company policy, "Protecting workers' health and supporting their well-being", SHIGEMATSU contributes to the community by protecting the lives and health of workers in various industrial sectors, fire department staff and other rescue workers. By doing so, we also support the continued well-being of their families.

Today, the importance of risk management is growing steadily, not only industrial disasters, but also natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and epidemic disease, terrorist events and other acts of violence. Due to this background, SHIGEMATSU has a growing role in terms of its social responsibility.

SHIGEMATSU provides high quality products and services, develops and produces eco-friendly items in accordance to ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements. Also, SHIGEMATSU provides sophisticated and state-of-the-art products that meet diverse needs through tireless efforts in R & D activities.

I hope that you look forward to SHIGEMATSU WORKS, and I would appreciate it if you would give your continued business and warm support.