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Recall Notice "CA-ABEK1" (No. 2)

Dear Valued Customers,

11 January, 2018
Nobuo Shigematsu

Fig. 1 CA-ABEK1
Fig. 1 CA-ABEK1

SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD. sincerely apologizes the inconveniences caused by the recall issue of Gas-Filter: CA-ABEK1 products. We found that some CA-ABEK1s did not meet EN and AS/NZS Standards value for the breakthrough time. Therefore, we asked you to STOP using the product IMMEDIATELY on the previous "Recall Notice" in this web page dated on 1st Nov., 2017.
We would like you to inform current situations about processing the issue.

We conducted a Transportation Test that simulated usual impacts and/or vibrations to CA-ABEK1. As the test results implied, SHIGEMATSU concluded that nonconformity would not occur during the usual transportation and vibration when using the filter, and would not affect health. The details of the transportation test are described below.

Moreover, SHIGEMATSU has found the manufacturing methods to remedy the nonconformity of CA-ABEK1. Currently, we have started mass-producing replacement CA-ABEK1s and shipping to the distributors. In case you, valued customers, still have the "affected product (please see the Note)", please contact your distributor. They will exchange yours to replacement CA-ABEK1 free of charges.
Note) "Affected Product" is a CA-ABEK1 whose shelf life is between 7th Nov., 2017 and 14th Apr., 2022.

Transportation Test

In order to examine the nonconformity of the CA-ABEK1 with normal usage, i.e., impacts and vibrations during transportation, we conducted a transportation test.

1. Design of the Test

- Test Samples
120 CA-ABEK1s: stocked in our warehouse in Rotterdam, which were manufactured in 2016 and shipped by a ship. The products were applied impacts and vibrations on the ship.
- Air transportation to Japan
The sample products in Rotterdam were transported to Japan by air, which take-off/landing impacts and in-flight vibrations were applied.
- Transportation in Japan
We put the products on a track and traveled on land more than 3,000km, which applied impacts and vibrations during the drive.

2. Breakthrough Time Test

We picked up four sample products from the 120 CA-ABEK1s and tested a breakthrough time. The results of the test are shown in Chart 1. According to the test results, all the breakthrough time are more than the requirements in EN and AS/NZS standards (20 minutes).

Chart 1 Test result of breakthrough time test after the transportation

Item STS Requirement(min.)
(EN and AS/NZS Standards Requirement)
Sample No.
1 2 3 4
Breakthrough Time
105 98 99 101

Note) This test has been conducted without the mechanical strength impacts which the test subject is dropped from 20mm high and repeated the drops 2,000 times by 100 times/min.

Therefore, SHIGEMATSU concluded that nonconformity regarding breakthrough time would not occur during the usual transportation and normal handling of the filter, and would not affect your health.

We, SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD., deeply apologize your inconveniences.
Your kind understanding, confirmation, and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about the recall, please contact;

1-26-1, Nishigahara
Kita-ku, Tokyo.