Ever since established in 1917, SHIGEMATSU WORKS CO., LTD. has been engaged in safety business on RP(Respiratory Protection) to protect workers from occupational diseases.

Now we proudly and responsibly devote ourselves to continue to support workers' safety and well-being throughout the world as well as contribute to global eco-activity

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New products information
New Products
This is our new products information.
Particulate Respirators
Particulate Respirators
Filtering type respiratory protective equipments to remove particulates (dusts, fumes, mists)
Prevention for pneumoconiosis and mesothelioma
Powered-Air Purifying Respirators
Powered Air Purifying Respirators
Filtering type respiratory protective equipments that provide clean air by electric fans
High protection performance and comfortable breathing
Gas Respirators
Gas Respirators
Filtering type respiratory protective equipments to remove toxic gases and containing particulates using cartridge or canister suitable for each working place
Supplied-Air Respirators
Supplied-Air Respirators
Supplied-air type respiratory protective equipments to supply clean air outside of workplace through an air-supply hose
Used in oxygen-deficient or toxic environment
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Air-supplied type respiratory protective apparatus to supply clean air or oxygen in the cylinder
Suitable for oxygen-deficient or toxic environment
Chemical Protective Clothing
Protective Clothing
These should be worn when you handle chemical substances to prevent penetration or permeate into the skin, including airtight or non-airtight protective clothing, boots and gloves.
Personal Eye Protectors / Face Shields
Eye Protector / Face Shields
Protect eyes from dust, splashes or other flying objects
2 types: Google / Spectacle

Selection Flow Chart of Personal Protective Equipment

Body Protection from Heat, Chemicals
Protective Clothing
Eye Protection from hazardous matter
Eye Protector / Face Shields
  • *1 The Occupational Exposure Limits (Value)
    It applies TLV(Threshold Limited Value) counseled by The Japan Society of Occupational Health. If the toxic gases are not specified TLV, please apply the TLV-TWA values counseled by ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists)
  • *2 Less than 300 times of the Occupational Exposure Limits, if used only 30 min. per day in accordance with the guideline of the Japanese Respiratory Protective Equipment Manufacturers Association.