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Disposable Respirator



Type or Classification NIOSH(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)N95
Approval No. TC-84A-7645
Working environment or use application
  • Welding, meltdown, melting works
  • Pesticide spraying (Wettable powder・dry powder)
  • Sand / rock dusts(Drilling, grinding)
  • Sander work
  • Grinder work
  • Lambda-line

・Λ (lambda)-shaped retaining tape firmly keeps its original 3D structure.
・Three functions(Adjuster, Nose cushion, Nose clip)provide reliable safety.
・A round-shaped design.
・Exhalation valve reduces discomfort due to warm air and sweatiness.
・No metal parts.
*Please use the disposable mask with exhalation valve for your own prevention.(It cannot be for cough etiquette.)