2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

TW01CTW01SCSee P.10Negative Pressure MethodUsing Palms (Negative Pressure Method)Using a Fit Checker (Negative Pressure Method)The water/oil repellent mechanical lter is suitable in environments with splashing water and oil mist, where it is able to maintain easy breathing with little change in inhalation resistance.Water/Oil RepellencyMechanical Filter with ActivatedCarbon Fiber (ACF)Washable Filter is EconomicalThe mechanical lters with this mark can be washed with water.ACF can remove nuisance odorsaccompaning welding work.Features of Particulate Filters Comparison of Water Repellent Capability Comparison of Oil Repellent CapabilitySee P.7Negative Pressure Method1122Fit CheckExplanationof Marks4September, 2021(2021.9)

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