2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Marks described here are for Reusable Respirator, Disposable Respirator, Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), Supplied-Air Respirator, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Protective Clothing/Glove and Eye Protector. For marks other than the above, please refer to the rst page of each item listed at the right.*The meaning of option masks are common to all items.See P.19See P.25See P.28See P.29See P.31 Examples of Reusable RespiratorProduct Information of MarksFacepiece MaterialsProduct NameType of Head HarnessFive digit-number is product code.mark indicates made-to-order product.Japanese TIIS* Certificate numberFeaturesSee P.3-6Accessories(Optional)See P.7,8Product NameSMLTW088118101181111812TW088TN450 Without filter350327Explanation of MarksExplanationof Marks3September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.* TIIS : Technology Institution of Industrial Safety

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