2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Reusable & Disposable Respirator for ParticleReusable Respirator (For Particle and Gas)Standards, Etc.33September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.■ Test Conditions for Filter EfficiencyTest ParticulateDOP(Liquid)NaCl(Solid)Count median diameter [μm]0.15-0.25[g 1.6]0.06-0.1[g 1.8]Concentration [mg/m3] 100 50Air flow [L/min.]8585TimeUntil 200 mg suppliedUntil 100 mg suppliedMechanical filters have not degraded the particle filtering efficiency.Since electrostatic filters have a certain degradation of particle filtering efficiency with the passage of time, the storage period is rather short.Please use both types of filter within the storage period as a safety precaution, even though those filters cannot be always used on the spot after the storage period.■ Shelf Life after the Manufacturing Date (Unopened)Mechanical Filter10 yearsElectrostatic Filter(Disposable Respirator) See P.17,186 years for the Model: DD02 series2 years for the Model: DD11 series■ Shelf Life after the Manufacturing DateDirect-Mounting Small TypeSee P.122 yearsExcept, 1 year for ethylene oxide and methanol filtersJapanese Certication of ComformityPneumoconiosis has been known as "the staggers" in Japan since many years ago and is an incurable disease causing respiration disorder due to bro proliferative change in the lung by inhaling dust.■ PneumoconiosisHealthy lungStructual change in lung due to dust (Welder's lung)Dust HazardShelf Life of Filters■ Favorable Storage Conditions*The gas filter packaging may burst if the storage temperature exceeds 50 ˚C.1. Unopened2. No damage on package3. No rust or deformation appears on filters (Dispose of any filter not meeting any of conditions 1 to 3.)4. Stored under normal conditions (no vibration, room temperature and humidity)DOP : Di(2-Ethylhexyl) PhthalateNaCl : Sodium Chlorideg: Geometric standard deviationR : ReplaceableD : DisposableL : LiquidS : Solid3 : Filter efficiency 99.9% 2 : Filter efficiency 95.0% 1 : Filter efficiency 80.0% Meaning of Abbreviations■ Class of Reusable Respirator for ParticleClassFilterEfficiency[%]Inhalation Resistance* [Pa]Exhalation Resistance* [Pa]DOPNaClInhalation SupportInhalation SupportYesNoYesNoRL3RS3 99.9 160 160 80 80RL2RS2 95.0 80 70RL1RS1 80.0 70See P.9■ Class of Disposable Respirator for ParticleClassFilterEfficiency [%]Inhalation Resistance* [Pa]Exhalation Resistance* [Pa]DOPNaClExhalation ValveExhalation ValveYesNoYesNoDL3DS3 99.9 150 100 80 100DL2DS2 95.0 70  50 70  50DL1DS1 80.0 60  45 60  45* Air flow rate at 40 L/min.See P.17Particulate respirators protect respiratory organs from the dust and other particulates generated during welding, excavating, etc. Our extensive product lineup features a range of respirators from the ultimate in protective respirators to light and compact models for a variety of industrial elds. All of our particulate respirators have been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.Formidable DustParticle FilterParticle FilterFilter Replacement CriteriaGas FilterGas FilterMechanical Filter•Replace the filter with a new one when you have difficulty in breathing due to clogging from particle accumulation.Electrostatic Filter•Replace the filter with a new one when you have difficulty in breathing due to clogging from particle accumulation.•Replace the filter with a new one after a certain period of use determined beforehand.Dispose the filter per every use in atmospheres such as arsenic, chromium etc.*In accordance with "Choosing and Usage of Particulate Respirators" (Notice of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Division Labour Standards Bureau No.0207006 of February 7, 2005) .① When the accumulated record of used time reaches the predetermined breakthrough time.② When the weight of the used gas filter increases due to moisture or absorption of airborne contaminants. (Can not be applied for moistureproof-type gas filter)③ When a wearer smells contaminants or feels irritant.④ Gas filters for methanol shall be disposed after one-time use.⑤ For combined filters, when inhalation resistance increases and breathing is difficult even if the accumulated record of used time has not reached the predetermined breakthrough time.*The above criteria are not exhaustive, please use the proper criterion or several criteria depending on the situation of the work site.

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