2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

1. Select a respirator combination type if you will use an eye protector together with a respirator.2. Select a goggle type for higher concentrations of dust and splashed materials.3. Use an eye protector together with a face shield for high-impact ying objects generated by grinding work, stone breakage, etc.Eye ProtectorEye protectors can be used to protect workers’eyes from dust, chemical splashes and splashed materials generated during work such asdemolition, spray painting and handling of chemical substances in laboratories.Shigematsu can provide various types of eye protectors, goggles and spectacles. Please select the most suitable eye protectors for your needs and working environment.Explanation of MarksLens is anti-fog coated.JIS : Japanese Industrial StandardsApproved to JIS T 8147:2016Personal Eye ProtectorsEN : European StandardsApproved to EN 166:2002Personal Eye Protection class 1Eyepiece or lens is surface hardcoated.nCautions when Selecting an Eye ProtectorProduct NameEE-70F-JEE-60F-JEE-16EE-15EE-01EE-11EE-11YEE-11SEE-12EE-12YEE-12SWeight [g]≤113≤8539.531.521.533. (Polycarbonate)FramePVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)PC(Polycarbonate) Integrated with lensPA(Polyamide)PC(Polycarbonate)PA (Polyamide)Nose Pad−PC (Polycarbonate) Integrated with lensPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)Temple length is adjustable.ShortenedLengthened+The temple angle can beadjusted to suit the wearer’s face.Can be used together witha half facepiece typerespirator.Shield to reduce ultravioletrays.Can be used together with corrective glasses.+Ventilator to prevent fogging.Strapholes are provided at the endof each temple.Side-Lens can Provide Wide VisionEE-70F-JEE-60F-J• Elastic head strap provides a comfortable t.• Can be used together with N95 Mask and disposable respirator.Product NameProduct CodeEE-60F-J07321Product NameProduct CodeEE-70F-J07322+31September, 2021(2021.9)Eye ProtectorRefer to your own national regulations.

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