2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Three-layer lens • 4 mm acrylic board • Gold color aluminized lm • 0.8 mm PC plate (anti-fog treated)HoodFC-31PM 78040• Please specify boot size.26.0 cm27.0 cm28.0 cm• Please specify boot size.26.0 cm27.0 cm28.0 cmHoodFC-11PM 78000JacketFC-12PM78001TrousersFC-13PM 78003TrousersFC-33PM 78042GlovesFC-34PM(Three finger type)78043BootsFC-15 78005• Boots with knee coverGlovesFC-14PM(Two finger type)78004*Five finger type is also available.HelmetFC-51(with hanging flaps)78120For Operations Under Intense Radiant HeatFor Work in Front of a FurnaceProtects from Falling Sparks in Fireghting Activities!PS-410KSizeWearer's Height[cm]Chest Size[cm]Product Code*1JacketTrousers*2S152-16456 - 10807753H07813HM158 -17007752H07812HL170-1820775107811XL176-18807750H07810HSizeWearer's Height[cm]Chest Size[cm]Product CodeHoodJacket*1TrousersS152-16456 - 10807974H07953H07963HM158 -1700795207962L170-1800795107961XL176-1880795007960*1 Jacket with hoodPS-420K• Ventilation holes on the back, at armpits, and trouser waist for dry comfort.• Comprised of separated hood, jacket and trousers.Uses: For furnace work, maintenance work, etc. in plants carrying out iron making, glass making, steel casting, rolling and plating.Uses: Equipment for fire departments, plants, etc.Uses: Firefighting, rescue work, as emergency treatment measure.Air breathing apparatus can be worn underneath.* Carbonizes at 450-500 °C in ames.FC-30PM Complete set 78046FC-60 Complete set 78080FC-10PM Complete set 78007• Uses aluminum-vapor-deposited material with a highly heat-resistant aramid or pre-carbon ber base fabric, and is lightweight.• Weight: App. 9.8 kg• Lightweight, simple-type re protective clothing for reghting and rescue work in res.• SCBA can be worn over the coat.• Uses special fabric coated with heat-resistant rubber containing high-purity powdered aluminum.• High level of water resistance and radiation heat reectivity, and is very tough and wear-resistant.• Weight: App. 5kg• Uses aluminized material with a highly heat-resistant aramid or pre-carbon ber base fabric, and is lightweight.• Weight: App. 4.8kgJacketFC-32PM 78041Three-layer lens • 5 mm tempered glass• Gold color aluminized lm• 0.8 mm PC plate (anti-fog treated)Ergonomic, lightweight design makes it easier to move.BootsFC-64 78049CoatFC-62 78047GlovesFC-63(Five finger type)78048*1 Jacket with hood and trousers are supplied individually.*2 No waist belt for trousersFour-layer constructionTwo-layer construction• ‌Please specify boot size.26.0 cm27.0 cm28.0 cmBootsFC-15 78005Protective Clothing/GloveSee P.3 : Explanation of Marks Five-Digit No. : Product Code ★ : Made-to-Order30September, 2021(2021.9) Heat-Resistant Work Clothing (Aluminized Product) Heat-Resistant Work Clothing (Aluminized Product) Fire Protective Clothing (Heat Resistant Rubber-Coated) ‌Whole-Body Protective Clothing Partial Body Protective ClothingProtective Clothing

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