2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

[Made by Air Water Safety Service Inc.]Air Cylinder TypeProduct NameProduct CodeProduct NameProduct CodeProduct NameProduct CodeWithout pressure gauge815C71026530C71140730C71100With external type pressure gauge (G)815CG71027530CG71141★730CG71101★With built-in type pressure gauge (Z) 815CZ71028530CZ71142730CZ71102MaterialCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) - Aluminum AlloyPicture shows815C530CZ730CZCylinder Volume [L] Air Capacity [L]1,2601,2701,840Duration [min.] at 40 L breathing volume/min.313246Weight [kg]4.9 [815CZ]4.5 [530CZ]6.1 [730CZ]MeasurementOuter Diameter [mm]173138172Length without cylinder valve [mm]488465450Maximum Chargeable Pressure [MPa]14.729.4Hydrostatic Test Pressure [MPa]24.549.0 Do not ll high-pressure air cylinders with gas other than air. Please ensure compressed air is discharged for export transportation.■ High-Pressure Air Cylinders for SCBAPressure Gauge Luminous paint! Enables easy checking of the dial face in the dark.Trunk CaseW745×H466×D295 mmless than 6.8 kgExternal Type (G)• Can be xed externallyThe gauge can be xed externally on a standard- type cylinder valve.Built-in Type (Z)• Built-in-type pressure gaugeEnables easy handling for opening/closing of cylinder valve due to no protuberance of the gauge.• Lightweight and tough Made of high-strength aluminum alloy. 724058 15 C ZOption: Pressure gaugeNo mark: Without pressure gaugeG : External type pressure gaugeZ : Built-in type pressure gaugeMaterial of cylinderNo mark: CrMo steelC : Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)Maximum chargeable pressure 15 : 14.7 MPa30 : 29.4 MPaCylinder volume5 : App. 5 L7 : App. 7 L8 : App. 8 LEx.Explanation of MarksApproved to classication of ame resistance “class 3” (JIS T 8155:2014)JIS : Japanese Industrial StandardsApproved to JIS T 8155:2014Compressed air open-circuit SCBAModel indication example for complete set of SCBAZ30 − N − CS − 815CZRegulatorType of Harness (No indication for standard type harness)Type ofFacepieceHigh-PressureAir CylinderSCBASee P.3 : Explanation of Marks Five-Digit No. : Product Code ★ : Made-to-Order28September, 2021(2021.9)

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