2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)Regulator***AtmosphereAtmosphereExhalationInhalationMedium Pressure HoseHigh-Pressure Air Cylinder Pressure ReducerFacepieceElectronic SpeakerPressure Demand Type Exhalation ValvePressure GaugePressure Gauge HoseWarning DeviceMedium Pressure Safety ValveBypass ValveCylinder ValvePressure GaugeRescue Mask or Air Line ConnectorPressure Demand ValvePositive Pressure Lock ButtonSystematic Diagram (for Z30)*Optional PartsThe lines in the systematic diagrams represent the following air ows in each SCBA model.High pressureMedium pressure Connection of optional partsOperation of a lever, etc.ExhalationInhalationAtmosphereFor emergency (manual supply)How to Read Systematic Diagram■ Composition of Z30 Series (Standard)Main BodyModelZ30-CSProduct CodeWith Trunk Case70173Without Trunk Case70174WeightApp. 3.5 kgCombinationRegulatorModelZ30Product Code71703 HarnessModelZProduct Code71904HangerStainless SteelTypeNFacepiece(Size M)Type of FacepieceMaterial*Please use in combination with a high-pressure air cylinder.■ Z30 Specications and Available FacepiecesTypePressure-Demand TypeConversion Method to Positive PressureAutomaticRegulator ModelZ30Maximum Usable Pressure29.4 MPaMaximum Supply Rate550 L/min.Facepiece3ModelZCSProduct CodeS 72722★M72790L72723★SCBA27September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) are used to protect users against oxygen deciency, dust, gases and vapors at plants, aboard vessels, at re and in tunnels.Self-contained breathing apparatus have been widely used in such elds as re ghting, rescue operations, escape training at re stations, iron works, chemical plants, nuclear facilities, hotels, etc. throughout Japan.Pressure-Demand Type Air Breathing ApparatusAutomatic Positive Pressure Conversion TypeLIFE GEM Z30-CS• Lightweight 3.5 kg, easy breathing, and exhalation and inhalation resistance are reduced.Positive Pressure Lock ButtonNylon BeltBypass ValveStainless Steel HangerPicture shows Z30-CS-730CZ

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