2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Heatstroke Preventative Equipment26September, 2021(2021.9)Supplied-Air RespiratorProduct NameCoolet BodyAir SupplyTube forVT-7KTConnecting Tube forVT-7KAir FlowRegulatorpHolder with Belt LoopAir Flow RegulatorMale EndFemale EndVT-7KT05183*105184 *1-05187051860605506056VT-7K-05185*1()() with VTcouplerHeatProtection(When the incoming air is 35°C)Heatstroke is a health condition caused by high temperature environments. *Examples from test data.This product supplies cool air byapplied vortex theory.IncomingAirPressure[MPa]Cool AirTemp.[°C]Cool AirFlow Rate[L/min.]CoolingAbility[kJ/min.]0.310150 6.20.47200 8.40.5525010.7Tube TypeStandard Type*1With coolet body 05183, either standard supply tube05184or connecting tube 05185can be connected.1. Use dried compressed air free from oil mist.2. Wear a jacket while working.3.Belt is not a safety waist belt. It cannot be used as a safety belt.Flammable material, do not use closeto re.nCoolet Spare PartsnCoolet PerformancenConstructionTypeWith Waist BeltWithout Waist BeltUse waist belt which has safety belt quality(Width : 50mm)With VT CouplerWithout VT CouplerWith VT CouplerWithout VT CouplerTube TypeVT-7KTVT-7KGTVT-7KT-5VT-7KGT-505063050650506705069Standard TypeVT-7KVT-7KGVT-7K-5VT-7KG-50506205064H0506605068nProduct Name / Product CodeFor Steel Industry, Ceramic Industry and Other High Temperature Environments!Only Compressed Air is Required! No Coolant RequiredAFRVOAOCCMSAEnd)End) See P.3: Explanation of Marks Five-Digit No. : Product Code : Made-to-Order

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