2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Supplied-Air RespiratorRelationship between air pressure, hose length and air ow volumeAir ow volume from the hose outlet.ononon1)2)3)Air ow adjuster fully opened.Hose with 8 mm inner diameter.with1. Maximum usable pressure for Shigematsu’s air line respirators is 0.9 MPa. Use less than 0.9 MPa compressed air with respirators.2. Use 3.6 MPa or more pressure resistance with hoses.3. Use fresh air free from oil mist and dust. Pure oxygen is dangerous. Do not use pure oxygen.4. For a face shield, conrm 120 L/min. or more air ow with an air ow meter.SAM-AL15AirmetAL-15 Clear ShieldShieldSuitable for Spray Paint WorkConstant Air Flow Type Air Line RespiratorFM-2Air Flow Volume Meter044710635005322Cannot be used where oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%.AL-15Waist Belt04930How to Check Air FlowFace ShieldSee P.8* Cannot be used together with safety helmetPreventionValveAirCleanerAirCleanerJIS : Japanese Industrial StandardsApproved to JIS T 8153:2002Supplied-air respiratorsn Wearing Example (Combination)n Use ExampleSpattering on eyepiece during coating work can be prevented by an additional cover lm [Optional].Waist BeltAL-15Face-SealConnecting HoseConnecting HoseFace ShieldSAM-AL15Pressure-resistant Rubber HoseEyepieceReplaceableSee P.8ReplaceableAir CleanerAir Regulating ValveAuxiliary Union(for Spray Paint Gun)Hose Connector(G )14Helmet (TH3185)Face-SealReplaceableAir Flow Volume MeterBallAdapter0435925September, 2021(2021.9)Supplied-Air RespiratorRefer to your own national regulations.Explanation of MarksSupplied-air respirators are respiratory protective devices supplying clean air to a user through an air-supply hose. Shigematsu's supplied-air respirators provide superior protection and ensure easy breathing and are favored in a variety of industrial elds. Gas respirators have limitations depending on the kinds and concentrations of gases. However, supplied-air respirators can be used anywhere irrespective of the airborne contaminant concentrations. Unlike SCBA, supplied-air respirators are lightweight, and there is no risk of the supplied air running out.Do not use a face shield in certain IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) working environments.Supplied-air respirators are suitable for the following working environments:Air cleaner for deodorization with waist beltFor safety of user, minimum air ow is provided even when air ow valve is closed. Spray paint workAsbestos removalSmoke from reIn presence of airborne contaminants

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