2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Short life for continuousoperationMs. FanProvides puried airinto the facepiece.Mr. FilterPuries air by catchingparticlesBreathResponsive Type PAPRConstant Air FlowType PAPRReusable RespiratorProvides puried air constantly by fan.Breathing by lung capacity only.RestingWorkingRestingCatchingparticlesThe more inhaling, the morethe lter clogsSynchro combines the features of a reusable respirator and a constant air ow type PAPR.Before WearingWearingEasy BreathingEasy BreathingCost EffectiveCost EffectiveSwitchlessFan Motor Automatically ONFan motor is onFan Motor Automatically OFFHigh ProtectionHigh ProtectionFinishDofngBeginning of WorkDuring Work *1After DofngExhalationInhalationExhalationInhalationExhalationRisk ResponseEven if airtightness is lost, the fan will keep running to lower the risk of breathing in particles.Risk ResponseProvides safety since structured to maintain sufcient air and to keep positive pressure inside the hood/face shield.Potential RiskParticles are inhaled whenairtightness is lost.PositivepressureNegative pressurePositivpressuNegative pressurePositivepressureNegative pressureLonger life than Constant AirFlow Type PAPR*1The graph only illustrates pressure difference. PAPR may fail to keep positive pressure with heavy inhalation.Fan workingSafetySafetySwitchlessSwitchlessProvides puried air by fan as the wearer breathes.Internal facepiece pressureInternal facepiece pressureInternal facepiece pressureAmbient pressureAmbient pressureAmbient pressureComparison with Breath Responsive Type PAPR "Synchro", Constant Air Flow Type PAPR "Windy" and Reusable RespiratorPowered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)PAPR24September, 2021(2021.9)See P.3: Explanation of Marks Five-Digit No. : Product Code : Made-to-Order

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