2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Work-Friendly DesignLEDSy11F SeriesSy11 SeriesDirect Mounting TypeDirect Mounting TypeUnit CoverECoverFilterBatteryLEDUnit CoverECoverFilterBatteryLEDFilter TypeSee P.20V3V3AFilter TypeSee P.20V3/OVV3V3AG2Filter TypeSee P.20V3V3AG24-Point-Support Single Strap TypeWashableFacepieceFilterBatteryLEDSy185 SeriesDirect Mounting TypeWashablePlease remove the fan unit when washing the facepiece.Breath Responsive Type PAPR "Synchro" ■Battery Life Indicator Patterns (2 LEDs)StateRemainingVoltageFull chargeAt least 8.0 V—7.9-7.4 VLow charge7.3-7.0 VLow chargeLess than 6.9 VThe fan is locked.Alternately lights:Lit: Not lit: FlashingWhen the battery is rst attached to the fan unit,the battery life indicators(2 LEDs) will light for approximately 30 seconds.Synchro common installation part of the battery■Filter ReplacementSy185, Sy11 and Sy11F SeriesInside facepiece FlashesFlashesLED indicator shows time for lter replacement, battery remaining at a glance4-Point-Support Twin Straps Type5032703110031326-Point-Support Type4-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeHead BandQuick FastenerHead BandQuick Fastener4-Point-Support, Twin-Straps TypeLEDLEDPAPR21September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.

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