2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Explanation of MarksBreath Responsive Type PAPR "Synchro"More Safety, More ComfortableEasy BreathingBreath Responsive PAPR provides clean air filteredby a fan as the wearer breathes.High ProtectionThe inside pressure of a facepiece is kept positive toprovide a higher safety.Cost EffectiveFilter lasts longer than a Reusable Respirator.Battery unit built into the facepiece makesthe unit cordless.No breaking of wiresSince the fan unit, battery, and lter are integrated into one system,no power cord is required.Therefore there is no concern that a power cord gets caught or broken.Danger with PAPR using a power cordAfter donning the mask, the fan unit starts operating automatically by breathing. (The fan motor turns on thepower automatically.)How to use the mask is the same as a reusable respirator — no switches, and the wearer simply dons the mask.When the mask is removed, the power turns off in about 5seconds. (The fan motor turns off the power automatically.)No SwitchBreathe to turn on the power.Remove the mask, and the power turns offautomatically.After5 secondsConstant Air Flow Type PAPR "Windy"Windy always supplies purified air.You can choose hood or face shield.First Characteristic Numeral(Figure to 0-6 or X*)Protective class against the ingress of solid foreignobjects (including dust).6: Powerful protection against dust5: Protection against dustSecond Characteristic Numeral (Figure to 0-8 or X*)Protective class of the electrical equipment against damaging effects caused by the ingress of water.5: Protection against water jet1: Protection against dripping waterIEC 60529:2001Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)Code Letters(International Protection)Arrangement of the IP code*X: The product could not be subjected to the relevant test.Filter replacement, battery remaining indicated by LEDAfter inserting a battery, battery remaining isindicated.The LED flashes if filter clogging causes continuednegative pressure in the mask.FilterBatteryLEDLow voltage warning device emitssound and lightIndication by sound and light whenreplacement required.VVoollttaaggeeLEDLow air ow warning device emitssound and lightIndication by sound and light when air ow islower than the minimum air ow.(Replace with a new lter or charge battery.)WindWindLEDWashable FacepieceRemoves the fan unit to wash the mask.WashableFacepieceWith Activated CarbonRemove odor.Even if airtightness is lost, the fan will keep running to lower the risk of breathing in particles.SafetyPowered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)PAPR19September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.

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