2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Selection Flow Chart of Respiratory Protective EquipmentYESNO or UNKNOWN NOSelection of Respiratory Protective EquipmentIs the oxygen concentration more than 19.5 % ? (NORMAL 21 %)In accordance with NIOSH*regulationsIs the type of contaminants known ?*Be sure to check the oxygen concentration and concentration of contaminants so as to select respiratory protective equipment that is suitable to the contamination conditions of the air in the working environment.The oxygen concentration in the Selection Flow Chart meets NIOSH* regulations.* NIOSH : National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA)Selection of Respiratory Protective EquipmentForm of ContaminantsGases are gaseous substances at room temperature andatmospheric pressure (25˚C, 1 atm.).Ammonia, hydrogen sulde, chlorineAcid mist, oil mist,spray mistWelding fumes,metal fumesDust by crushed stone and drillingCigarette smoke, funnel smokePolluted air(exhaust gas)Organic vaporsLiquid particles suspended in an atmosphere.Liquid or solid substances that sublimate at room temperature and atmospheric pressure (25 ˚C, 1 atm.).Fumes are solid particles formed by condensation of vaporized solid materials under high temperature.Small solid particles produced when solid bodies are crushed without any change in chemical composition.Airborne particles, liquid particles or gaseous matter produced by combustion, heat decomposition or chemical reaction of organicsubstances. Dust or funnel smoke that has combined with moisture to becomemist.ContaminantsDenitionExampleTypeGasVaporMistFumesDustSmokeSmogFormGasLiquidSolidRefer to your own national regulations.

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