2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Reusable Respirator (For Particle & Gas)When the cap is exchanged, the following filters can be used!CapParticle FilterGas FilterFacepieceSee P.15,16SB, Paintmate LU2K, U2WR2N, R2, R1Attachment AL2B, LBCA-104N SeriesCA-104N SeriesPrefilter *1Prefilter *1Picture shows Cap C33Picture shows Cap C33Picture shows Cap DPicture shows Cap DPicture showsPrefilterLBPicture showPrefilterSBPicture showsfilter U2KPicture showsfilter R2N*1Attach Prefilter to Gas FiltersChangeable Cap Type Mask*Cannot be used with GM76DS, DR76DSU2K.C33C33DDDDR76DSU2K, GM76DSGM70D, GM28SGM80S, GM185CCompatible MasksProduct NameMLDR28SU2K (HB)1068710688DR28SU2K (BT)1068910690Product NameMLDR28SU2W (HB)1068110682DR28SU2W (BT)1068310684DR28SU2KU2KDR28SU2WTM502 With filter U2KTM501With filter U2W• Service life of twin lters is 4 times longer than single lter. (in case of U2K)U2W2-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeBypass StrapD-Shape Ring, HookSuitable for WeldingReusable Respirator13September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.2-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeHead BandD-Shape Ring, Hook50332Compatible FilterCompatible Filter2-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeBypass StrapD-Shape Ring, Hook502062-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeHead BandD-Shape Ring, Hook5033250206

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