2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Reusable Respirator (For Particle & Gas)CapParticle FilterGas FilterFacepieceFor compatible filters and caps See P.15,16Please purchase two filters and two caps.Prefilter *1Prefilter *1SC, Paintmate LLC,LLX and T SeriesPicture showsCapCPicture showsPrefilter SCPicture showsfilter T2Picture showsfilter R2N*1Attach Prefilter to Gas FiltersR2N, R2, R1#50515RL3 Sizes(S, M, L)Work-Friendly DesignProduct NameSMLTW088118101181111812TW088TN450 Without filter3Holder #50802X and T seriesR2N, R2, R1Holder #02907#50515L2U, L2L, LLUE, LLX and T SeriesPicture showsCapUEPicture showsPrefilter L2UPlease purchase one on each sideTW02, TW02STW08S, TW088Compatible MasksReusable Respirator11September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.TW08STN544Without filterWith Speech Diaphragm3 Sizes(S, M, L)Product NameSMLTW08S1215112152121531215234-Point-Support, Single-Strap Type50364Head BandQuick Fastener6-Point-Support Type50327

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