2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

1. Turn the Fit Checker ON. Remove both hands from the Fit Checker, inhale gently, then check that the respirator collapses slightly, and no air leaks between the face and the respirator are detected.2. Turn the Fit Checker OFF.Seven Colors3 Sizes(S, M, L)Easy to Check the Fit!Press with both handsPull with both handsProduct NameSMLTW01CRD327163271732718BL327193272032721WH327073270832709PI327103271132712YE327133271432715OR327043270532706BK327013270232703TW01SCRD118581185911860BL118641186511866WH119601196111962PI119661196711968YE119721197311974OR119401194111942BK119001190111902Picture shows TW01CRespirator with an integrated t checker• TW01 and TW01S are respirators of TW01C and TW01SC without Fit Checker.Fit Checker ONFit Checker OFF2-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeHead BandQuick FastenerReusable Respirator10See P.3 : Explanation of Marks Five-Digit No. : Product Code : Made-to-OrderSeptember, 2021(2021.9)TW01CTN585 Without filterTW01SCTN508 Without filter3S11+CLightest-Weight TW ModelTW01TN584 Without filterProduct NameSMLTW01WH119291193011931BK119261192711928TW01SWH119201192111922BK11910119111191233S11+CWHBLORYERDBKPI3 Sizes(S, M, L)BKTW01STN529 Without filterPicture shows TW0150355Head Harness50355Head Harness2-Point-Support, Single-Strap TypeHead BandQuick FastenerWH

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