2021 Personal Protective Equipment Catalog

Reusable Respirator (For Particle & Gas)CapParticle FilterGas FilterFacepieceFor compatible filters and caps See P.15,16Prefilter *1Prefilter *1SC, Paintmate LLC,LLX and T SeriesPicture showsCapCPicture showsPrefilter SCPicture showsfilter R2N*1Attach Prefilter to Gas FiltersGuidePrinterSpeakerver. 2Mask wearerMask Inside Pressure & Fit TesterConf irm mask inner pressure and leakage in real time.MNFT ver. 2 supports the correct donning of the respirator.Safety support■Example of mask fittingPositive Pressure (Blue)NegativePressure(Red)AmbientAmbient PressurePressureLeakage (Green)1.Instruction in donning 2.Selection of respirator3.Training sessionSupport programVisualize FittingEasy recording of measurement results!X and T seriesR2N, R2, R1Holder #02907#50515L2U, L2L, LLUE, LLX and T SeriesPicture showsCapUEPicture showsPrefilter L2UReusable Respirator9September, 2021(2021.9)Refer to your own national regulations.TW01C, TW01SCTW01, TW01SCompatible Masks

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