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Particulate Respirators



Type or Classification Disposable type classification: DS2
Model No. DD02-S2-1
Approval No. TM526
Weight (g) 9 or less
Conformable Standards Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Law
Working environment or use application
  • Sander work
  • Grinder work
  • Construction work
  • Pesticide spraying (Wettable powder・dry powder)
  • General dust work
  • Pollen、yellow sand、house dust and PM2.5 particulates
  • Infection prevention against pandemic influenza

・Lambda-line is a nickname for the respirator with Λ (Lambda) shape retaining tape firmly keeping its original 3D (three-dimensional) structure.
・Strap adjuster, nose pad and nose shell makes less leakage of particulate in the mask and safety.